Thursday, August 22, 2013

Al Gore Thinks Global Warming Is Becoming a Hot Topic Again

AL Gore sat down with Ezra Klein to discuss the exceedingly important topic of global warming.

When did he do this? I have no idea, as The Washington Post didn’t say in the first paragraph or so. It might have mentioned it sometime later on in the article, but I don’t care to read too much of anything that Al Gore says. He’s an unreasonable, egotistical nitwit and after reading his opinion one too many times already, I can’t be bothered anymore.

Skimming is all he’s worth when he’s worth anything at all.

Anyway, here’s a snippet of what he said:

“The conversation on global warming has been stalled because a shrinking group of denialists fly into a rage when it’s mentioned. It’s like a family with an alcoholic father who flies into a rage every time a subject is mentioned and so everybody avoids the elephant in the room to keep the peace. But the political climate is changing. Something like Chris Hayes’s excellent documentary on climate change wouldn’t have made it on TV a few years ago. And as I said, many Republicans who’re still timid on the issue are now openly embarrassed about the extreme deniers. The deniers are being hit politically. They’re being subjected to ridicule, which stings. The polling is going back up in favor of doing something on this issue. The ability of the raging deniers to stop progress is waning every single day.

Ummm… Did I mention that, along with being an unreasonable, egotistical nitwit, Gore is also delusional? How else can you explain his notion that discussion on global warming is on the rise?

Nobody is talking about global warming anymore! And for good reason:

·         It’s completely irrelevant.
·         We’ve experienced several blisteringly cold winters in the last five years and have just undergone a summer where 2,899 record cold temperatures were set across the U.S.
·         Even the mainstream media has admitted a few times now that the earth hasn’t warmed up significantly in the last 18 years or so.
·         People have more important issues to worry about like starvation, poverty, joblessness, crime rates, racism… or possibly even those unreasonable alcoholic fathers Gore mentioned.

Regardless of the reasons, it’s patently obvious that far fewer people care about global warming these days, as evidenced by the lack of news articles covering the subject, rallies raising awareness about it or conversations around the water cooler concerning it.

The very fact that Al Gore doesn’t recognize this should say a lot about him… and his pet project.

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