Thursday, August 1, 2013

Discrimination With a Capital Tea (And Yes, I Know This Title Barely Makes Sense)

My company, which provides about three to four dozen types of k-cup coffee flavors for its employees on any given day, has decided to stop purchasing tea.

It used to be we’d have a smaller array of other beverage choices for non-coffee drinkers, such as myself, ranging from dark hot chocolate to Earl Grey to iced tea/lemonade combinations.

But no more. My heart is, admittedly, rather broken right now and I’m sure I’ll suffer some psychological and possibly even physical side effects from this discriminatory choice my company has embarked on.

Clearly, I’m (mostly) joking about my feelings on the subject, no matter how much I’ve grown accustomed to my free morning’s tea. But don’t for a second think I was merely being silly by using the word “discriminatory.” Because by ignoring the tea lovers it employs, my job is most definitely displaying a bias, even going so far as to deny service to a specific group of people.

Call it wrong, call it right, call it I-could-care-less-what-is-your-blasted-point-already… Just make sure to call it discrimination, because that’s what it is.

Here’s the thing though. Discrimination isn’t always the political issue that people try to make it.

Sometimes it’s simply a business making a choice to save money, as I’m sure is the case here. Sometimes it’s because, as unpopular as this concept might be, somebody doesn’t deserve something (sorry, fast food employees). And sometimes, yes, it’s for the simple reason that people can be jerks sometimes… because they have the right to choose whether to be gracious, decent, intelligent human beings or unpleasant, ignorant losers.

Ultimately, however, here’s my blasted point: don’t go running to the government demanding action every time somebody tells you no. Try to solve your own problem or just deal with the situation and move on, and not just because it’s usually the mature thing to do.

Don’t forget that the government will probably louse things up worse in the end anyway.

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