Monday, August 12, 2013

Missouri State Fair Rodeo Sics Bull on President Obama

Liberals can behave very badly at times, from hanging Sarah Palin in effigy for a Halloween display to making a movie about Bush being assassinated.

I don’t care how much you disagree with somebody’s choices. Making a mockery out of their demise is immature, unproductive, heartless and downright disgustingly arrogant.

Nor does that rule change when positions are reversed and it’s conservatives picking on liberals, as was the case at a Missouri State Fair rodeo over the weekend.

There, a clown masqueraded as President Obama while an announcer asked everyone if they wanted to see him get “run down by a bull.” The crowd was apparently quite enthusiastic about the scenario.

That doesn’t say much about them or their grievances.

Do I like what President Obama and his cohorts are doing to the country? Of course not. It’s hard to cheer the economic malaise, societal deterioration and political corruption he’s encouraged over the last four-plus years.

Even so, it’s still immature, unproductive, heartless and downright disgustingly arrogant to treat the very concept of human life so callously.

I’d love to write something along the lines of “If we want to be taken seriously…” but I’m not really sure that applies here. Even when conservatives behave in perfectly decent and respectable manners, we still get in trouble for being racist, sexist, classist, exclusive jerks, so I doubt we’ll suffer much more over this than with anything else we do.

But that’s no excuse to shrug off our dignity and wallow in the mud.

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