Thursday, August 8, 2013

More on Straight Man Turned Transgender Woman Turned Straight Man

For yesterday’s blog, I brought up the story of Don Ennis – turned Dawn Ennis turned Don Ennis – who woke up one morning declaring he was transgender and then woke up another morning realizing he’d been mistaken… that he was, in fact, “just another boring straight guy.”

Today, I’m actually going to discuss it and its ramifications.

These days, people are all about being true to themselves and following their hearts and blah blah blah, chirp chirp, beep beep.

Of course, in and of itself, identifying as an individual and not a societally-controlled drone is a good thing. We’re supposed to sort out our beliefs and actions based off of our own observations, feelings and consciences.

However, observations, feelings and consciences can all become corrupted and therefore unreliable. People come to insane conclusions all the time based off of what they’ve seen, felt and determined to be true. For instance, do you know that there’s a decent subsection of crazy conspiracy theorists who believe the world’s most powerful and influential figures are actually “reptilians” (alternately defined as alien critters or an originally underworld-dwelling species, and either good or bad, depending on who you talk to).

Clearly, these people have some psychological issues. Either that or they’re inexcusably gullible, mentally deficient or desperate to find truth in the strangest lies. Regardless, the belief in “reptilians” presents solid proof that broken people live among us.

It seems safe to say that Don Ennis – turned Dawn Ennis turned Don Ennis – is further evidence of said unfortunate phenomena.

Now I don’t know his – turned her turned his… but really always his – full story, so I don’t know whether he suffered some psychological break with reality, whether he was playing a giant prank, whether he let himself be brainwashed into believing a lie, or if there is some other explanation for his bizarre behavior.

But one way or the other, he’s saying that he was wrong. And one way or the other, a decent number of people at the very least pretended to support him in his inaccuracy.

For anybody actually interested in the truth, that begs more than a few questions about society and the way we’re determined to look at things these days.

If you like lies though, I’ll now return you to your normal program.

Have fun with that.

(And maybe check out “reptilians” while you’re at it.)

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