Friday, August 16, 2013

NAACP’s Mary Rutliff Calls Missouri State Fair Rodeo a “Hate Crime”

Earlier this week, I bashed the Missouri State Fair rodeo that featured a clown wearing an Obama mask while an announcer asked whether the enthusiastic crowd would like to see the President get trampled. Here’s a snippet:

“I don’t care how much you disagree with somebody’s choices. Making a mockery out of their demise is immature, unproductive, heartless and downright disgustingly arrogant.

“Nor does that rule change when positions are reversed and it’s conservatives picking on liberals, as was the case at a Missouri State Fair rodeo over the weekend.”

I still stand by that opinion, though now I have another thought to add to the continuing saga…

Mary Rutliff is even more immature, unproductive and arrogant than the original offenders.

Who is Mary Rutliff, you ask. Well, other than an immature, unproductive and arrogant ninny, she’s also the president of the Missouri Chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP).

Yesterday, Ms. Rutliff joined the growing (out of control) debate to say, “I think that a hate crime occurred. I think a hate crime occurs when you use a person’s race to depict who they are and to make degrading comments, gestures, et cetera, against them.”

What. The. Heck.

At first glance, most people can hopefully agree that she’s being ridiculous and repressive, but let me explain why I’m going so far as to call it immature, unproductive and arrogant …

·         It’s immature because it’s excessively over the top, rather like a thirteen-year-old who punches another kid in the face for filching his toy. Tattling on or telling said filcher would be acceptable and even appropriate. Sending them to jail, however? Not so much. In the same way, it’s perfectly fine to condemn examples of freedom of speech gone wrong. But it’s exasperatingly immature to call verbally-delivered disrespect a crime.
·         It’s unproductive because it doesn’t do anybody a single bit of good. If anything, it’s making a mockery out of the initial incident by blowing it way out of proportion.
·         It’s arrogant because it assumes that she and hers are so much more important than everyone else. I’m sure she wasn’t so up-in-arms all the times that conservatives were maligned in the media and pop culture. If we’re going to crack down on people being ignorant twits, then we shouldn’t judge the severity of the “crime” based on skin color.

Rutliff needs to move aside, because there are more than just minorities out there… and more than just minorities matter.

People matter! When in the world are we going to get this through our thick skulls?

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