Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Shocking: RNC Raises Millions! And the Not-So-Shocking: DNC Loses Even More.

I’m not very happy with the Republican Party right now.

I think our leaders are a bunch of lemmings who don’t deserve their paychecks most days. As far as I can see, they’re not as bad for America as the Democrats are, but they’re a far cry from good with their stupid spending policies and their support of amnesty, and their gutless, brainless gullibility.

So when I saw The Hill headline “RNC raises $5.9M; DNC has $18.5M in debt,” I’ll admit to being completely surprised. Not that Democrats could be in debt (akin to speculating that Zebras might have stripes), but that Republicans:

1.      Still have that much support
2.      Didn’t blow what donations they did get on something stupid like better access to weapons of mass destruction for Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, or ice cream parties for illegals to win over their (so far non-existent) votes

It’s so good to know that the powers that be in the Republican Party aren’t quite as ridiculous as they look.

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