Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Fat Letters Are This School Year’s New Step Towards Socialism

The “real news” headlines this morning just aren’t interesting me (sorry, Syria), so I resorted to Yahoo! and it’s insane, scrolling feed of celebrity gossip, pointless tips and social commentary.

Every once in a while, it yields decent blog fodder, and today just happened to be one of those days with its story about how “‘Fat Letters’ Worry Students, Parents and Experts.”

Apparently, “a growing initiative by some schools across the country has students and parents up in arms: the school[s] are measuring students at an annual weigh-in, and sending reports home telling parents whether their child’s body mass index is healthy or dangerous.”

The article continues a line or two later with: “Schools in 19 states, from Arkansas to Illinois, participate in the annual student weigh-ins. Some pediatricians say body mass index (BMI) readings are helpful in combating childhood obesity, which is a growing problem.”

Do you know what else is a problem?

Eating disorders and self-esteem and bullying, none of which are going to be solved by subjecting children to such scrutiny.

Do you know what else is a problem?

Socialism, which tries to fit everybody into some neat little cookie cutter instead of treating them like the individuals that they are.

Maybe schools should butt out of trying to manipulate children’s bodies and actually focus on giving them an education.

It’s just a thought.

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