Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Government Shutdown Means Nothing

Now that the government is shut down, America might actually be able to move on in a positive fashion.

… That’s how I wanted to start out my post this morning. But since the government can’t get anything right, it’s unfortunately not really shut down; it’s still going about its self-appointed business of wasting liberty.

Sure, a bunch of federal employees have to take an unpaid leave of absence. And yes, national parks and the Smithsonian are closed for business until Congress can agree upon how much money is the right amount to throw away towards completely unproductive endeavors.

But Obamacare is still being unrolled. Secretary of State John Kerry is still taking trips. And you know that we’re still spending plenty more on other ridiculous expenditures.

So essentially, it’s business as usual in Washington, shutdown or no. Once again, our politicians are treating us like we’re inconsequential idiots.

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