Wednesday, October 23, 2013

How Nationalized Healthcare Really Works in Canada, the UK and now America

Today is not one of those days when I don’t care to write about anything.

How can it be when we have stories from Slate telling us that Canada’s nationalized healthcare system actually does include death panels – and I quote: “In other words: Canada has death panels.” – but we’re supposed to see them as a good thing?

Or how, because of the United Kingdom’s nanny state approach to medical attention, taxpayers have been saddled with a £350,000 legal bill because Muslim parents wanted to win the right to shave their disabled daughter’s pubic hair.

I kid you not. Read the article.

Yet despite a history of examples worldwide showing how unworkable nationalized healthcare really is, we’re supposed to welcome Obamacare with open arms in America.

Forget the wreck of a website… private and personal health insurance costs skyrocketing… hundreds of thousands – specifically in Florida – seeing their policies cancelled altogether since they don’t comply with Obamacare regulations… and most people ignoring the offer altogether.

No, really. Forget it. Or don’t bother to look into the facts. Just focus on what the Obama administration says. That’s what the President clearly wants, otherwise he wouldn’t have “asked” (read: bullied) North Dakota’s largest health insurer, Blue Cross Blue Shield, to stay mum on how many people actually signed up through the new online exchange. (According to a company spokeswoman, a mere 14 people in North Dakota signed up since October 1, and only 20 total.)

I guess that’s why the Baltimore Ravens are getting g paid $130,000 to promote Obamacare. Because nobody wants it unless they have celebrities brainwashing them into the purchase.

Though admittedly, that chunk of change, the UK’s receipt for trying to control pubic hair length, and the cost of Canada’s death panels don’t come close to the near-$1 billion a day the collective world spent on its fight against global warming last year.

With such pricey pet projects, it’s no wonder Democrats have to resort to ridiculous campaigning tactics to distract voters. It might be insanely inappropriate and inaccurate for Representative Alan Grayson to compare the Tea Party to the KKK, complete with a vivid picture of a burning cross, but I suppose when you’ve got nothing real to show, smoke and mirrors have to do.

Smoke, mirrors and oral sex, that is. “Education Votes, a project of the Democratic Party of Virginia” recently went around college campuses posting campaign ads that read: “Ken Cuccinelli wants to make oral sex a felony,” “Get your head in the game” and “Don’t let Election Day go down without you.”

Why am I not surprised Democrats don’t mind plying their most pitiful subset to get ahead. 

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