Thursday, October 3, 2013

Obamacare Launch Flops Miserably… Is It Time to Say “We Told You So?”

By most if not all accounts, the Obamacare launch is going horribly.

For a second day in a row, Operation: Implement Obamacare is marked with overloaded websites, jammed phone lines and confusion as people try – and fail – to sign up for government health insurance. Reports of mass frustration are coming in from California, Hawaii and Oregon – just to name a few states – with many people giving up altogether.

In Pennsylvania, Matt Hadzick, a Highmark manager, says, “It’s day two of health care reform, and we have yet to have someone successfully register on the marketplace. The registration process is very slow, and at one point it just shuts down.”

And in Tennessee, NBC couldn’t find a single local who successfully accessed the new health insurance exchange. “It seems to be a problem especially in states like Tennessee, where the state opted out and left it up to the federal government to run” this particular show.

Except that it seems to be one giant mess everywhere.

In a timid attempt at optimism, CBS DC writes, “The delays that continued Wednesday offered one good sign for President Barack Obama and supporters of his signature domestic policy achievement, demonstrating what appeared to be exceptionally high interest in the new system.” But that halfhearted defense of the ill-designed, poorly prepared and incompetently implemented Obamacare falls flat with just a basic search of the facts.

The LA Times is reporting that “California’s health insurance exchange vastly overstated the number of online hits it received Tuesday during the rollout…” State officials originally reported that the Covered California website got 5 million hits on Tuesday. Today, it had to correct that error, admitting it was merely 645,000.

645,000 hits despite a state population of 37 million. That’s a huge gap, to say the least, so it’s easy to conclude that there’s not nearly as much “interest” as liberals would like to believe.

Maybe that’s because most people are perfectly fine with the health insurance they do and don’t have without government interference. Speaking as one of the uninsured, I know I would greatly appreciate being allowed to run my life as an adult instead of as the incompetent child Obama and his minions want to treat me like.

It’s bad enough that they think they can run our lives better than we can. But worse yet is how they think they can do it without exerting a single bit of effort.

Representative Henry Waxman, (CA - D), says he never read the Obamacare proposition, nor does he care. In fact, very few if any of our lawmakers read the bill before voting on it.

And we’re supposed to be surprised and patient with the law’s implementation so far? Forgive me if I’m too intelligent and well-informed to grant that request.

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