Thursday, October 10, 2013

Obamacare Website Reflects Horribly on Obama and His Big Government Philosophy

Digital Trends writer Andrew Couts is no conservative, as he plainly states at the end of his article, “We paid $634 Million for the Obamacare Site and All We Got Was This Lousy 404.”

Yup, even with that title, Couts still states that he’s pro-Obamacare and wants the exchanges to succeed, even going so far as to take a little dig at Sarah Palin while he’s at it. Yet even an obvious liberal like him is appalled with the website, which he also expresses quite clearly.

Maybe that’s because, even an obvious liberal like him can still see the incompetence and irresponsibility that went into making the website. For example, Couts notes that:

·         The site itself, which apparently underwent major code renovations over the weekend, still rejects user logins, fails to load drop-down menus and other crucial components for users that successfully gain entrance, and otherwise prevents uninsured Americans… from purchasing healthcare at competitive rates –’s primary purpose.”
·         “The site is so busted that, as of a couple days ago, the number of people that successfully purchased healthcare through it was in the ‘single digits,’ according to the Washington Post.”
·         U.S. government records show that cost $634,320,919, whereas Facebook “operated for a full six years before surpassing the $600 million mark…”

He could have also added that Hawaii had to relaunch its Obamacare exchange after failing to sell a single health insurance package because the website is so messed up. Or that, according to George Edwards, a computer scientist and professor at the University of Southern California, the website could take months to completely fix depending on how busted it really is.

Yet, even while he admits that “government has a long history of spending money unnecessarily” and how the process of granting government contracts is broken at best, Couts still somehow misses that it shouldn’t be intimately involved in our lives in the first place. (Hence him being liberal, I suppose.)

A giant bureaucracy with no real skin in the game, answering to nobody in particular, makes for a really shoddy system of management. In trying to oversee everything, our government fails to fix anything – an utterly predictable result – since it simply cannot be good at everything, no matter how many experts it hires to compile statistics and quote figures.

People are more than numbers in a report. We’re individuals with unique needs, goals and responses to the challenges and changes that come our way.

So we’re best largely left to fend for ourselves, calculating our own self-interests in our life choices, paying for our own mistakes and triumphs… and determining our own healthcare needs without the government trying to dictate everything like we’re too stupid to survive on our own.

I mean, if even a liberal can see how badly government rules the roost otherwise… then the proof that it’s gotten to big is irrefutably obvious.

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