Thursday, October 17, 2013

Ohio University Student Cries Rape, Teen Boys Brutally Beat up Teen Girl

So Republicans in Congress are largely useless cowards who caved in to Obama and the Democrats on raising the debt ceiling in the end.

This is so not surprising that I’m not going to bother using words like “unfortunately” or “sadly” to describe what happened. I’m actually not going to describe it at all for the simple reason that I just don’t care. Never did. Hence why I didn’t write about the budget battle to begin with.

It was futile to expect Democrat leadership to suddenly sprout sense or Republicans to grow spines. I’m only amazed the latter held on as long as they did.

End of story. Moving on…

I’m far more interested in addressing the society that elects those people, a society that for all intents and purposes encourages its children to devalue life and refuse responsibility for their actions. How else can we explain the following stories, which are anything but uncommon?

There’s the Ohio University student who (forgive the following description) hit the town only to receive oral sex out on the street by a fellow pedestrian in front of an audience.

After seeing the resulting pictures and video, which went viral, she’s now crying rape. But calling the admittedly sad experience a crime seems suspicious when the “rapist” was weaponless and (forgive the following description) on his knees during the whole “attack.”

Not to say that he couldn’t have threatened her in some other way. I obviously don’t know all the details. But it’s much more likely this is a case of regret, not rape.

Then, in Delaware County, a 15-year-old girl was walking home from a high school football game when she was attacked – much more clearly, mind you – by a gang of at least nine teenage boys. They began by merely taunting, cursing and spitting at her, but then escalated to kicking and punching, even intentionally throwing her into the path of an incoming car at one point.

There’s no clear motive and, even if there was one, it wouldn’t be nearly good enough. Nine boys against one girl… What the heck?!

The two cases may seem completely unrelated when they took place in different states, with different age groups and different crimes (or “crimes” in the Ohio U. case.) But they’re actually very easily lumped together considering the complete lack of respect exhibited in each.

I feel like I say this all the time, but it needs to be said all the time when society continues to behave so badly and allow its children to do the same. Young “adults,” college students, high school students and even younger age groups are constantly shown by parents, teachers, celebrities and political figures that it’s ok to concentrate on the moment and the mood… naturally leading to consequences that all of us are ill-equipped to handle, especially when we’re already so indoctrinated in immaturity.

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