Friday, October 25, 2013

Since Relativism Should Confuse and Offend You, Truth Must Exist

Yesterday, I showed how there is nothing good or logical about relativism, a line of thinking that allows individuals to write their own rules, ultimately condoning horrific behavior like raping 18-month-old babies.

When there is no truth, no reality to ground us, humanity dissolves into utter destruction and life becomes meaningless. Since there definitely are truths out there (e.g. Humans need oxygen to survive.), let’s just admit the truth that relativism is one wretched and harebrained philosophy.

Why would we ever want to convince ourselves that everything means nothing? That universal human rights don’t exist? That true love isn’t beautiful? That arrogance doesn’t come before a fall?

Denying those facts is insane. So relativism, which says there are no facts, is thereby insane. And if relativism is insane – if it’s not true – then there has to be some truth out there: some set of rules that govern our lives.

This leads to the natural question of who made or gets to make those rules.

There are a number of answers non-religious non-relativists or sorta-relativists like to fall back on. These include world leaders, parents, teachers and nature.

But none of those substitutes work much better than relativism.

World leaders, parents and teachers all change. They leave. They eventually die, to be replaced by new models. Therefore ultimate truth can change with them. Which means that truth doesn’t really exist, which is what relativism says. And since we’ve already established that relativism makes no sense, world leaders, parents and teachers can’t be the answers.

As for nature, if that’s our rule-maker – our god, as it were – then it’s perfectly acceptable for us to kill and even eat our own babies, gang up on the weak, encroach on others’ territories and take all the power for ourselves just as long as we’re big enough and strong enough to do it.

Once again, this sounds dangerously close to relativism. Not completely, of course. But it’s close enough to be completely unappealing and leave life once again meaningless.

And life DOES have meaning. Human beings DO have value. Try to deny it however you choose, but you ARE searching for significance. Everybody is.

We try to find it in relationships, and money and power and fame and freedom. But let’s face it, none of those work. Not long-term. Not when we find ourselves all alone, stuck with only our thoughts and insecurities as companions.

Man up or woman up, and just admit that there is a God who writes the rules already. One that you’re desperately longing for.

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