Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Say What?!? President Obama Is “The World’s Most Admired Living Man” in 2013

Late in the work day yesterday, I stumbled across a rather ridiculous post on Yahoo! News.

Originally distributed by Reuters, it claimed that “Americans named President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as the world’s most admired living man and woman in 2013, according to a Gallup poll released on Monday.”

Now remember: This is the day before New Year’s Eve that this article came out. Not April Fool’s Day. So knowing this, I have to conclude one of two things:

·         Gallup is insane.
·         Americans are insane.

Normally, I trust Gallup. If it says one thing, whether supporting my opinion or refuting it, I pretty much take it at its word. But I’m going to have to side with Americans this time. Because there is no way President Obama should be on that list after this year.

The last five years? (Apparently this is his sixth in a row to top the list.) Sure. I can buy that. Americans are stupid. I mean, we did reelect the guy after a miserably uninspiring first term.

But this year? Come on, people. We’re not that out of our minds!

Reuters did report that “the percentage of those surveyed who choose him as the most admired man fell to 16 percent this year, down from 30 percent in 2012.” I’d say that could be a concerted effort on the part of federal workers everywhere, but I don’t think they make up 16% of the workforce yet.

I think.

Maybe I’m wrong.

(Am I?)

Regardless, this is a President who only managed to eke out a 37% approval rating last month… In a CBS News poll! Translation: It’s a lot worse than 37%.

And even if people “approve” of a President, that doesn’t mean they simultaneously consider them to be “the world’s most admired living man.” Far from it. It just means that they like some majority of what he’s doing.

Notice the word “like,” as in a lesser version of “love,” which admiration (or at least this particular title of admiration) usually denotes.

Putting all of those pieces together and, again, with all due respect to Gallup… It’s insane.

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