Friday, December 13, 2013 Is One Giant Waste of Taxpayers’ Money

Did you know there’s a government website designed to train men how to be fathers?

Yeah, I didn’t know that either until I paid proper attention to a billboard I’ve been passing for weeks on my way to work.

It’s of Despicable Me’s villainous hero (or heroic villain) being all warm and fatherly with his three adopted daughters. The ginormous sign then reads: “TAKE TIME TO BE A DAD TODAY,” followed by the website domain:

Back before I noticed the “” part, I thought the billboard was really quite cute.

Now I find it exceedingly sad, not to mention one giant waste of taxpayers’ money.

That might sound harsh considering the good and proper behavior it’s allegedly trying to promote, but think about it for a minute…

You really think that any significant number of irresponsible, absent or otherwise bad fathers are going to see that billboard, go to that website and have some significant change of heart?

Heck, the chances of them going to at all, much less putting any of its words of wisdom into practice are doubtlessly exceedingly small when there are so many distractions and temptations out there to be a bad father. To name a few:

·         Pornography
·         Excessive alcohol consumption
·         Unhealthy commitment levels to work
·         Mounting disappointments that become so much easier to focus on than continuing to try

Like I said, that’s only a few and just off the top of my head. There are plenty of others.

And that’s among the middle class brackets. Sorry to say, but the whole physically absentee father thing is a heck of a lot more prevalent among the lower classes, while emotional vacancy is equally or more common among those better off.

A billboard or a website isn’t going to fix the problem when the problem is much deeper than ignorance. The problem is a societal fixation on all the wrong paths in the pursuit of fulfillment.

Considering that the government is one giant part of that problem, it stands to reason that it’s standing in the way of any solution.

Which putss solidly into the Giant Waste of Taxpayers’ Dollars category.

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