Thursday, January 9, 2014

Denver International Airport Denies Marijuana Mile High Wannabes’ “Rights”

Here’s a quick quiz for you. Which of the following does not describe the word “right:”

A.    A just claim or title, whether legal, prescriptive, or moral
B.    Adherence or obedience to moral and legal principles and authority
C.    A moral, ethical, or legal principle considered as an underlying cause of truth, justice, morality, or ethics
D.    Undeniable and innate clearance to fly marijuana from Denver International Airport

Just in case you’ve worked really hard at achieving stupidity (indications of such include voting for Obama twice, considering Bill Clinton sexy, and not being able to answer this question in ten seconds flat), the answer is D.

Having clearance to fly marijuana from Denver International Airport is not a right. If anything, it’s a privilege. And it’s an overall dumb one at that.

Out of all the national issues to choose from, I can think of a few dozen worth fighting for before the “right” to fly high. If you disagree, then not only have you undeniably achieved stupidity… You’re also mind-bogglingly pathetic.

Congratulations. I’m sure your mama’s proud.

While marijuana is now officially legal in the not-so-great state of Colorado, taking the substance into Denver International Airport is not.

Read the sign:

But some people are saying that restriction is unconstitutional. It’s their “right” to fly high.

Leave it to CBS to find sob story supporter Teri Robnett, who has suffered from Fibromyalgia for 27 years now. “It’s a chronic pain condition. There’s no cure for it,” Robnet explained, adding that marijuana is “the only thing that works for me.”

I’m very sorry to hear that. Seriously. But that doesn’t make this a case about “rights.”

If you want to argue for exceptions to the law to be made, then go for it. I could honestly care less even though there are still far more pressing issues to be dealt with.

Just don’t bastardize language any more than it already has been by equating your wish – understandable though it may or may not be – to fly high with such inalienable truths as freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom of thought.

They’re not the same.

I don’t have the “right” to demand the ability to go through life with a metabolism powerful enough to keep up with my chocolate chip cookie addiction.

Midgets don’t have the “right” to insist on riding hanging roller coasters despite posted safety concerns.

Physically handicapped people don’t have the “right” to gain instant access to taxi cabs the way that non-physically handicapped people do.

In a utopic world, we’d all get our way in every situation. But we don’t live in a utopic world.

And thinking otherwise? Well, it’s just not right.

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