Friday, January 24, 2014

Yankees Pitcher Masahiro Tanaka Gets His $155 Million Contract Cut in Half by Taxes

I am not a baseball fan. I think it’s a horribly boring sport, right up there with curling and golf. If you’re going to take me out to the ballgame, please make it football.

(Go Broncos!)

Play it all you want. I don’t care. Just don’t make me sit there and watch you while you do.

Knowing my aversion to the sport, you shouldn’t be surprised to learn that I don’t understand how in the world Yankees Pitcher Masahiro Tanaka should get $155 million for a seven-year contract. Yet that’s the deal he negotiated, so that’s the deal he should get.

I mean, you would think, right? That’s how a free society is supposed to work, with parties getting paid depending on how much society values their product.

Now, I don’t know if the government hates baseball even more than I do, but it definitely doesn’t think Tanaka deserves that kind of money. Between federal, state and local taxes, the Yankees pitcher will lose 56.1% of his pay.

For those of you who are particularly bad at mathematics, that means his paycheck is cut in half.

What kind of government takes over 50% of a man’s paycheck!

I’m sure that Tanaka will still manage to support himself on the mere $75 million (or whatever) he’ll make over the next seven years. But that’s not the point. It’s HIS money, and he should be able to decide how to legally spend it instead of handing the majority over to a government that doesn’t know the proper value of anything.

Case in point from the Washington Examiner:

“According to new records obtained by the taxpayer watchdog group Judicial Watch, three separate jaunts taken by President Obama, first lady Michelle Obama, and Vice President Joe Biden during last year’s Presidents Day weekend cost at least $295,437. And that’s mostly just for security, not Air Force One or other official costs.”

It seems safe to say then that too many politicians think it’s American’s patriotic duty to keep politicians properly pampered.

It's almost like we’re their slaves and they’re just generous enough to let us keep what we can.

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