Friday, February 21, 2014

Lego Sells Out to Socialists and Makes a Whole Lot of Capitalist Money Doing So

How does a capitalist corporation get by in this increasingly socialistic society of ours?

If you really want to know the answer to that question, ask Lego Corporation, which released its latest film about a week ago. The thing minted $70 million it its first few days. How?

By depicting capitalists as bad, bad people and capitalism itself as oppressive.

The Weekly Standard writes:

“Never before in history have liberal clich├ęs about the evils and the rapacity of capitalism been combined so ironically as they are in The Lego Movie… a film in which a character called President Business (also known as Lord Business) has totalitarian control over the moods and thoughts of every character and intends to destroy the world in a few days’ time.”

Hmmm… Kinda sounds exactly like socialism, right?

Totally! And Lego’s executives have to know that. They’re not stupid. They’re just sellouts. Very business savvy ones.

Not following? Read on…

“The critics who like The Lego Movie – and that is most of them… have fallen over themselves to remark on its ‘subversive’ qualities,” The Weekly Standard continues. “By this they mean that though it may have been made by major multinational conglomerates, it somehow manages, without those conglomerates knowing it, to blow the whistle satirically on their soul-deadening conformist hypnosis.”

Little do those idiot critics know that Lego is playing them for all they’re worth, which is a lot.

You see, those critics have a lot of sway when it comes to how much films gross at the box office. Their good opinion can make a movie, and their bad opinion can break one. And since they all think they’re socialists, they’re going to give socialist propaganda better reviews.


Realizing this, Lego ditched its previous plots – which basically went unnoticed at the box office – and shoved every single stupid rant against capitalism into a single reportedly entertaining movie.

The result? Instant success! The critics love it!

In the long run, appeasing the socialists isn't going to do anyone any good, but in the short-term, Lego is laughing all the way to the bank.

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