Thursday, February 6, 2014

Socialism Is Screwing Up the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi

Remember my comments about Pope Francis and socialism yesterday?

“We live in a backwards world.

“The latest examples of such include Pope Francis, who once again took to railing against the evils of capitalism during a Tuesday address. ‘When power, luxury and money become idols, they take priority over the need for a fair distribution of wealth,’  he intoned.

“Notice that he didn’t say those pursuits get in the way of pursuing God. Whether he wants to admit it or not, he instead complained that they get in the way of playing God.

“And make no mistake: That is what redistribution of wealth is. It is playing God. It is stealing one person’s property to enrich another. It is declaring who has value and who doesn’t. It is determining who deserves and who doesn’t based on authoritarian whims and prejudices. It is claiming a god-size portion of wisdom to deal with an enormously complex issue that no one in the history of the world has been able to solve, and not for lack of trying.”

I only forgot to mention that redistribution of wealth is also a great way to screw up the Olympics.

The 2014 Winter Olympics are being held in Sochi, Russia, which is apparently not really all that ready for the festivities.

Reporters from big broadcasting names across the global news board are finding that their hotel rooms are in shambles. If they’re available at all. Curtain rods are only half-fixed to the walls, heating and internet aren’t available, elevators are broken after half a day of use, water is either unavailable or unusable… The list goes on.

Though reporter Kevin Bishop did find a headshot of Russian “President” Vladimir Putin at the front desk. He snapped a picture and tweeted: “The reception of our hotel in #Sochi has no floor. But it does have this welcoming picture.”

I blame all this on socialism because Russia, the former U.S.S.R. (i.e. Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics), never really embraced capitalism. It’s still run by dictatorial types who bar people from free speech and demand eternal gratitude for the heavy hand they use to rule the country.

That doesn’t lend well to business growth – and hotels are businesses, just for the record – since business growth is dependent on entrepreneurial spirits, which are dependent in turn on independence of thought.

Duh, Russia. And duh, Pope Francis as well.

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