Tuesday, February 4, 2014

We Can’t Be Bothered to Care How Government Is Ruining Us

If the state of the economy isn’t enough of an indication, here’s further proof that our government just doesn’t care one bit about us…

·         According to National Journal, members of Congress and their aides took 1,887 free trips last year at a combined cost of almost $6 million.
·         The IRS is doling out millions of dollars in bonuses to employees in an effort to boost morale.
·         The National Institute of Health has already spent millions studying male sex workers in Peru. This included a $400,000 grant to figure out why gay men get syphilis. No joke.

Clearly, our government doesn’t take us seriously. Then again, why should it when we’re content to be so incredibly stupid?

I mean, we keep voting them in regardless of what they do to us for their benefit or for themselves at our expense. We’re much more focused on enjoying our lackluster present than defending any kind of worthwhile future.

Media analyst Mark Dice has a new video out of how willing Americans, particularly in California, are to throw their rights away. He’s done this before, taking some utterly absurd petition to the streets and getting people to sign it.

The point is to show how dumb Americans are, when we’re willing to “repeal the Second Amendment,” “disarm the citizens,” “trust the government to be the only one with guns” and even approve “terminating and executing all of the gun owners.”

But I don’t think it’s always so much about Americans being dumb. I think sometimes we’re just too lazy to care that our government is robbing us blind while patting us on the head and telling us it’s for our own good.

In order to pay attention to all of the rotten things our government is doing to us, we would have to take time away from our video games and TV shows, our social lives and narcissistic, short-minded goals.

And clearly, we can’t be bothered.

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