Wednesday, March 5, 2014

18-Year-Old Woman Sues Parents for Living Expenses After She Moves Out in a Huff

An 18-year-old New Jersey woman – and yes, at 18, she’s a woman, not a girl anymore – is suing her parents after they kicked her out of the house on her last birthday.

All of that brings up two very good questions:

1.      What is she suing them for?
2.      Why did they kick her out of the house?

Well, the plaintiff, a Ms. Rachel Canning, is demanding that her parents continue to pay for her living expenses – including transportation – and fork over the college tuition money they’ve been putting aside for her.

Why did the elder Cannings kick her out of the house? Considering the answer to question number one, answer number two shouldn’t be all that surprising…

She was being a brat.

According to her parents, she refused to follow the rules, which included rethinking her relationship with a bad-news boyfriend, being respectful and following curfew. And when they gave her an ultimatum, she chose to leave and has been staying with her best friend’s family ever since.

Incidentally, it’s her best friend’s father who is heading up the lawsuit.

Try as hard as I might, I can’t think of a single excuse for Canning to be suing her parents. She’s an adult and they have no fiscal, legal or even necessarily ethical requirements to give her money at this point. Not from the racket she’s running, at least.

Even if they were horrible parents up until she turned 18, she should still have no real legal standing for this kind of a lawsuit.

Judging by her behavior, they might be horrible parents. They certainly seem to have raised an entitled brat, though that might not have been their fault. I genuinely don’t know.

What I do know is that if Canning wants to do things her own way, she should get used to the idea of paying for those things her own way.

It’s called being an adult, cupcake. Grow up already.

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