Thursday, March 20, 2014

CNN's Don Lemon Seeks Crazy Clues on Missing Malaysian Airlines Flight; Viewers Find Black Hole Inside His Head

How ridiculous are our newscasters in the mainstream media these days?

Let me count the ways, starting with the kinda cute but sadly stupid Don Lemon on CNN last night, in which he honestly asked panelists to debate whether the Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 had been sucked up by a black hole.

When I first read that on Mediaite, I figured there had to be some catch the conservative news site wasn’t letting onto in an effort to make CNN look dumber than it actually was.

The written word oftentimes doesn’t tell us everything. It leaves out emphases and tones and pauses, gestures and eye language, all of which can easily change meaning. So when I clicked on Mediaiate’s matching video, I expected to see Don Lemon cast a few smirks and hear him use a condescending air when he began pondering whether black holes might have something to do with the missing airliner.

I mean, I know CNN is filled with idiots, but I was sure they couldn’t be THAT stupid and desperate for attention.

Boy, was I wrong.

Maybe there was a slight twinkle in his eye when he started the segment. Maybe.

But his tone was perfectly serious when he said “I know it’s preposterous” and then turned to his panel and asked “But is it preposterous?”

Mind you, he asked this not only about black holes, which are a rare scientific phenomenon only ever found in outerspace, but also the Bermuda Triangle – which is around… ummm… Bermuda… so not quite the area where the flight disappeared – and even the TV show “Lost.”

Why? Because people were Tweeting about it.

I kid you not.

If there are indeed any black holes lurking on planet Earth, I think we just found one… right inside Don Lemon’s head.

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