Thursday, March 6, 2014

Hillary Clinton 2016 Because… Ummm… Well, There Has to Be SOME Reason, Right?

At the recent Democratic Executive Committee Winter Meeting, attendees were gung-ho about Hillary Clinton running in the 2016 presidential elections.

They were certain she’d make an excellent choice. They just weren’t sure why.

The most coherent answer anyone was able to come up with was “her abortion standpoint.” And let’s face it: Every democrat with a chance of getting the party nod for president has that same exact position. So “her abortion standpoint” doesn’t set her apart any more than the rest of her unremarkable track record.

One particularly lackluster answer received was: “… she’s spent eight years in the White House… and she spent four years as the foreign policy guru for The United States.”

Time served is the next best thing they can come up with? Apparently so, as that’s exactly what another person said in a separate interview. And I quote: “All her foreign affairs experience as secretary of state [and] being a heart away from the President for eight years when her husband” was in office.

As to what exactly made her so admirable in that secretary of state position? Well, you could almost hear birds chirping when that question was asked.

One person admitted, “in particular, I honestly don’t know, to answer your question. But I thoroughly believe that there was a reason Obama put her there,” while another one hedged, “Actually, it’s more she didn’t create a problem.”

I really hope if I ever run for President, my most ardent supporters can say nicer things about me than, “Well, you know, she didn’t screw anything up.”

Incidentally, in Hillary’s case, even that pathetic attempt can’t cut it, no matter how many times especially misinformed enthusiasts express the claim that we’re “a little bit more at ease with our folk in the Middle East” because of Ms. Clinton.

In rebuttal to that belief, I’d like to point out Exhibit A: the terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya, where our embassy was stormed and our ambassador slaughtered and paraded through the streets.

Exhibit B can be all the stats showing how much more disliked we are in the Middle East since Obama took office. Hillary hasn’t helped those numbers one bit as far as anyone can tell.

Hillary Clinton is unremarkable at best. At worst, she’s an abject failure.

Hardly someone worth running for President of the United States… in 2016 or any other time.

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