Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Inequality Rates in the U.S., Climate Change and a Liberal Lack of Accountability

Let’s start today’s blog out with a few paragraphs of a Breitbart article on U.S. inequality rates:

“The top five states with the highest income inequality rates all voted to reelect President Barack Obama, though no state boasted a higher rate of inequality than Washington, D.C. This is according to a study released this week by MoneyRates.com.

“The study used data from the Bureau of Labor statistics to measure how many times more money the top-earning income bracket of a state made than bottom earners. Researchers compared the top 25th percentile earner to the bottom 25th percentile earner and divided the sums into each other, then ranked states by number. California, in which a top 25th percentile earner makes 2.55 times more than a bottom 25th percentile earner, is by far the most unequal state, followed by New York, New Jersey, Michigan, and President Obama’s home state of Illinois.

“In Washington, D.C., however, a top 25th percentile earner makes 2.6 times the amount of money a bottom 25th percentile earner makes, which represents the biggest gap in the nation.”

So what are the oh-so-compassionate Democrats doing about those discrepancies, which they like to say they care about?

They’re going to ignore it. Why? Because there are more important things to ponder over all-night meetings, like the perils of global warming after a record-setting frigid winter complete with multiple government-closing snowstorms.

I suppose anything makes sense when you’re determined to believe the liberal agenda though. Anything but the truth, that is.

Hence the reason Virgin CEO Richard Branson recently blogged that people who don’t believe in global warming should “get out of our way”… even though his airline alone is responsible for emitting over 7 million metric tons of carbon dioxide over the years.

7 million metric tons! But Branson wants US to get out of HIS way?

At least we conservatives put our money where our mouths are. There’s no such accountability amongst liberals. They talk a really loud talk about the subjects they claim they care about, yet walk a very different walk.

That’s why the government can lament the sorry state minorities are in today, then turn around and sic the FCC on those “automatically disadvantaged” individuals if they step out of Big Brother’s line, making things as difficult as possible for black conservatives. (Actually, the government makes things as difficult as possible for most blacks; it just takes a more clear-cut route when those blacks vote Republican.)

That’s why Sharyl Attkisson is quitting CBS after working there for a decent two decades. There’s no accountability, and liberals are quick to punish anyone who tries to enforce it.

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