Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Survey by Condom Maker Durex Shows 5% Have Checked Facebook While Having Sex

How utterly self-absorbed are we these days?

A new survey by condom maker Durex shows that 5% of us have checked Facebook while having sex.

5%. Seriously?

It would be a sad social commentary if it was 1%. In fact, it’s a sad social commentary that Durex even thought to ask the question in the first place.

What is wrong with people when we interrupt an act that is supposed to be about being close with that special someone by checking our phones to see what people are saying about us?

I’m pretty sure that’s the definition of disgusting.

And really, really pathetic.

If we’re looking to set ourselves up for really lame, really sad, really unfulfilling lives, then we should definitely keep going with this self-absorbed trend we seem so set on following.

Otherwise, how about we put our Facebook accounts away while having sex. Possibly even every once in a while outside of that too.

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