Monday, March 31, 2014

Are Leggings Pants?

The question is back of whether leggings are pants?

So is the answer. And it’s still no.  Leggings are not pants. They never have been; never will be.

For one of the best explanations as to why, I’m going to turn to the Los Angeles Times, particularly to guest blogger Charlotte Allen, who tackled the tough topic last week.

Discussing how a middle school out in Illinois “has issued a new dress code barring girls from wearing shorts, leggings and yoga pants to school on the grounds that the leg-displaying garments are ‘distracting’ to boys,” she notes that, “judging from the reaction of the feminist media – and here’s what’s really surprising, some parents of the kids in question – you’d think that the school, Haven Middle School, had decided to require head-to-toe burkas.

“The idea seems to be that the Haven dress code is sexist because it makes the girls stop wearing skin-clinging, butt-hugging outerwear instead of making the boys stop looking at and thinking about the girls wearing skin-clinging, butt-hugging outerwear. Indeed, the very idea of having a school dress code for girls is supposed to promote ‘rape culture.’

“Serious! That’s what they’re saying!”

And sure enough, they are. Allen quotes feminist source after feminist source after parent complaining about the horrors of making students dress with some semblance of self-respect.

Then she slams those critics for trying to have it both ways. And she does it beautifully…

Of course schools should insist that boys be polite and should punish harassment of girls severely. But there’s nothing wrong with telling girls to tone it down on their end. For one thing, school is supposed to be a serious environment. Just as we deem shorts and leggings in lieu of pants — perfectly fine in some recreational settings — to be inappropriate wear for most offices, we’re entitled to deem them inappropriate for school, especially middle school.

“One thing that beats me about progressive parents is that so many of them want their daughters to become scientists and college presidents, but they don’t want them to dress or act appropriately in the educational settings that will prepare them for those intellectual professions. They don’t want boys treating their daughters like sex objects, but they don’t mind their daughters turning themselves into sex objects.

“I can understand why the girls who go to Haven wish the dress code would go away so they can dress whichever way they feel like. What I can’t understand is why their parents are egging them on.”

That is hands-down the most well-stated reasoning on the subject I’ve ever heard.

Go, Charlotte Allen.

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