Monday, April 14, 2014

Is the Decision to Replace David Letterman With Stephen Colbert Racist?

I never watched more than a snippet or two of the “Late Show with David Letterman.”

That’s partially because David Letterman is a major oinker and partially because I have better things to do than follow celebrity interviews that closely. Sure, they say something funny every once in a while, but they’re such vapid simpletons overall that I just don’t see the appeal.

That’s why I didn’t care when CBS announced Letterman’s resignation. Or when they declared that Comedy Central’s “conservative news anchor,” Stephen Colbert, would be taking his place.

Now, I have watched a few whole episodes of the “Colbert Report.” His sign-off to Budweiser after the InBev deal went public? Hysterical! I mean, sure, he’s an arrogant prat with little understanding of right and wrong, much less logic and nonsense… But he can still be funny.

So really, I suppose the “Late Show” switch-up is for the better. Not that this means I’m going to watch it any more than I was. Again, I’ve got better things to do with my time.

I suppose that’s why I didn’t analyze CBS’s decision very much. I saw the headlines, skimmed an article and moved onto other topics. Until today, when I saw The Christian Science Monitor’s headline: “Amid praise for Stephen Colbert, some ask: What about diversity in late night?”

The article makes the point that “late-night television will largely remain the domain of white male hosts.”

Now, as a conservative, I could largely care less about people’s skin color or gender. If I’m going to listen to a comedian, all I ask is that he or she be entertaining. Just like, if I vote for a politician, all I ask is that he or she behave honorably and intelligently. (Yes, I believe in Pegasuses – Pegasi? Pegasus? Whatever. Winged horsies – too.)

Yet the charge did make me wonder. I mean, it would be weird these days if there wasn’t a single non-male or non-white person in the Senate, for example.

Now maybe, Colbert really was the best replacement. Maybe he had the perfect resume and job interview, whereas the other candidates couldn’t quite compare.

Then again, maybe the Hollywood honchos in charge of that decision are just a bunch of old, racist, sexist white men determined to keep things as comfortable for themselves as possible.

I mean, that’s what they’re constantly telling us whenever a non-male, non-white person is promoted anyway, right? Maybe it’s time we started believing them.

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