Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Joe Biden Has “Literally” Met “Every” World Leader out There

It’s a dreary Tuesday (at least in my neck of the woods), so let’s lighten it up by laughing at Joe Biden.

It might not be sporting to laugh at such a nitwit, but it’s also not sporting for such a nitwit to shamelessly, blatantly and repeatedly make a mockery out of the American Constitution.

In other words, he started it. And mocking his nitwitishness isn’t even close to giving as good as the American people are getting.

So let’s laugh while we can.

According to Carrie Dann’s NBC Twitter account, the VP turned himself into a joke yet again, this time at George Washington University, where he said he’s official met “literally every” world leader there is to meet on the face of the planet.

Then he added in a bit of false humility that ended up making him look even more foolish, saying those established contacts were “not because I’m important, but because of the nature of my job.”

“Vice President Joe Biden loves to use the word ‘literally,’ though he’s not so good at using it correctly And on Monday, Biden revealed either that he still doesn’t know when the word is appropriate, or that he’s been zipping around the globe like Santa Claus, defying space and time constraints to meet every single head of state in the world.”

Let me just say I am so glad our Vice President is a Democrat. Because otherwise, I might have to rethink my party.

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