Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Broward County Public Schools Backs Down on Bible Reading Ban

Sometimes, you gotta stop and smell the roses.


Because they smell pretty! And they’re beautiful, and beauty needs to be drunk in from time to time. At least. God created a gorgeous world, so it’s actually pretty ungrateful of us not to notice it.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not turning into a Pollyanna or putting on my rose-colored glasses. There is a lot of mean, nasty, destructive, pointless and downright horrific things going on in this gorgeous world of ours.

All I’m saying is that, in spite of all of the ridiculous levels of negativity around us, there is always some reason to celebrate.

A beautiful spring day. A particularly meaningful relationship. The thrill of taking on a new challenge. The taste of chocolate.

Or some piece of good news somewhere that shows good doesn’t always go down the way we sometimes think it does.

For example, Breitbart has an update on the situation at Broward County Public School System, which originally backed one of its fifth-grade teachers in banning little Giovanni Rubio from reading his Bible during a free reading period.

That was back at the beginning of the month.

Today, that ridiculous rule has been struck down after the district came under serious scrutiny for its infringement on religious rights.

Here’s the main gist, according to Breitbart:

“In a letter dated Sunday, May 18, first obtained by Breitbart News, the school system has completely reversed course. The letter tells Liberty Institute Litigation Director Hiram Sasser that the school ‘does not ban the Bible’ and specifies that students may read it during the same class times when it had been previously barred. The letter also says that the school will comply with Liberty Institute’s demand that all teachers be trained in what the Constitution requires by way of upholding students’ First Amendment rights.

In conclusion, “Whoo hoo!” for freedom!!!!

That’s always a rose worth stopping for.

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