Thursday, May 15, 2014

Florida Teens Devise Jews vs. Nazis Form of Beer Pong

The Drudge Report isn’t letting me open up any links this morning, so I’m going to rely on one of my untouched finds from yesterday instead… It’s from The JewishPress, and it goes like this:

“A group of Florida teenagers have devised a local version of the popular college beer pong drinking game. But in contrast to the traditional contest in which two teams gather on opposite sides of a table and try to bounce a ping pong ball into a plastic cup filled with booze, the Florida version has a charming new twist: The groups divide into teams of ‘Jews’ and ‘Nazis.’

“According to an image posted on the Imgur website, ‘The Nazis start the game off with ‘blitzkreig,’ with each ‘Aryan’ player shooting freely into the ‘Jewish’ cups until one misses. Jews are allowed to designate an ‘Anne Frank Cup’ that can be removed from the table and hidden anywhere in the room. To balance out that unfair advantage, the Nazi team has the right to call ‘Auschwitz,’ meaning one Jewish player is ‘selected’ to sit out.

“‘Also, throughout the game you are supposed to talk a lot of **** and say as many racist things as possible to make it more enjoyable,’ according to the website.”

Obviously, that’s utterly disgusting. And I sincerely hope that those teenagers grow up someday to be thoroughly ashamed of their current behavior.

I mean, who in the world makes a mockery of the Holocaust, where millions of men, women and children were deemed sub-human and done away with, oftentimes in absolutely horrific fashion?

Sadly, I’ve got an answer for that.

The kind of people who don’t take mass murder and genocide seriously – who are actually willing to make jokes and get rip-roaring drunk about it – are the same kind of people who believe that government can and should handle everything.

They’re the same kind of people who think that murdering babies is not only okay but even good and right and necessary.

They’re the same kind of people who take their own personal, momentary happiness and place it above everything and everyone else.

And they’re the same kind of people who are systematically turning themselves and their country into a godless wasteland where freedom is strongly discouraged and truth is downright oppressed.

In other words, they’re like the Nazis themselves. Or at the very least, they’re the Nazi supporters who threw parties down the road from concentration camp smokestacks sending fumes from burning bodies into the already oppressive air.

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