Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I Am So Sick of #YesAllWomen

Have I mentioned that I’m sick of #YesAllWomen?

Spawned by Elliot Rodger’s shooting spree in California last week, the movement is poorly thought out to the point of being detrimental to humankind. It’s also really irritating.

It’s as bad as all this Kimye stuff. Possibly even worse. I’m not sure. I don’t get outraged when I see stupid headlines about Kimye. I simply roll my eyes and move on.

When I see pictures of people carrying signs that say “Nobody is entitled to a woman’s body,” however, I kinda wanna scream.

First off, no, duh! Though maybe, as a culture, if we really want to enforce that hands-off rule, we women should stop showing off our bodies quite so freely. And no, that isn’t an excuse for rape. Rapists are disgusting individuals who deserve to burn in hell for all eternity. They have no excuse. But women shouldn’t have a completely free pass in degrading themselves either.

For the purposes of this post, though, that isn’t the issue. It’s more that, as far as I can tell, Elliot Rodger never solely attacked women. He attacked couples. He lashed out at individuals. HE HATED THE WORLD. Not just women.  Everyone. Women for not giving him what he wanted and other men for getting it when he couldn’t.

So this #YesAllWomen thing? It’s contrived.

Is sexism contrived? No, of course not. I can personally attest to too many men’s bad behavior, including several repeat offenders at my job, one of whom I’ve dubbed Creeper Bob. But that doesn’t mean I have to go on a rampage against all men, making them feel subpar for the gender they were born with.

That’s just as much sexism as what #YesAllWomen is accusing men of doing to women.

Unfortunately, people in general have a habit of behaving badly. So I’ve been treated poorly by women multiple times. And whites. And blacks.

The same goes for Christians. And Muslims. And straights, gays, conservatives and liberals. Though those are all life choices and not identities we’re born with. So it actually makes more sense to wage a campaign against those designations than “all men,” who can’t help being born male.

#YesAllWomen exhibits the same sexism as using a bunch of skanked-out college co-eds to determine that all women are sluts and should be treated accordingly. Or, to use race as an example, going to the less reputable areas of Baltimore city late at night to conclude that all black people are thugs.

Sounds offensive, right? Of course it is! It’s also categorically untrue in both cases.

So why do we think it’s something else when we look at the bad behavior of some men and call them all rapists?

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