Monday, May 5, 2014

Journalism Is About as Believable as Global Warming/Climate Change These Days

In today’s post, you’ll find an example of the state of journalism in the Western world, courtesy of Canada’s The Globe and Mail. Titled “Youth anxiety on the rise amid changing climate,” it claims to be “part of a series examining the health repercussions for Canadians of a changing climate.”

This is how it starts out:

“Sammy McLean, 14, felt overwhelming helplessness as she stood with her family and watched two angry rivers – the Bow and the Elbow – surge through their home, cutting a path of destruction across the downtown Calgary neighbourhood. Furniture flew through the front windows, and the basement and first floor were washed out and filled with mud. McLean remembers thinking that her once calm, picturesque street resembled a war zone.

“A confident, athletic girl, McLean says the flood left her vulnerable, scared and hating the rivers that encircled her home. ‘They wouldn’t let us in for several days after we were evacuated,’ says McLean, who now lives in a downtown condo with her parents and three siblings while the house is being extensively renovated. ‘I used to think the rivers were so pretty. It made me not like them any more. I thought the water was going to take away the whole house – and my bedroom.’

“While the Alberta floods haven’t been directly linked to climate change…”

Let me bring this article to a screeching halt right there. The opening two paragraphs are about a 14-year-old girl who is traumatized by Mother Nature gone wild. Thanks to the title and editor’s note explaining the focus of said article, we’re intended to conclude that she’s a victim of climate change/global warming.

But wait! “… the Alberta floods haven’t been directly linked to climate change” at all! Which means that, directly speaking, at least, she’s not a victim, right?

Actually, wrong again. Thanks to our journalists, educators and politicians – who are all in cahoots to hamper individual development whenever possible – poor Sammy McLean still ends up being victimized, as evidenced by the rest of the paragraph, which continues:

“… destructive weather events are expected to increase in Canada in the future. McLean, a normally upbeat youth, is painfully aware of the sheer power of Mother Nature and the carnage its fury can wreak. She’s now anxious about what we’re doing to our environment. ‘I volunteered to take an active role in my school’s Model United Nations, which is studying the impact climate change is having on our planet,’ she said.”

Let me save you the irritation of reading any further …. The only thing intelligent readers can learn from this Globe and Mail article is that today’s brand of journalism will shamelessly encourage the exploitation of young minds by drawing ridiculous parallels between apples and aliens.

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