Tuesday, May 13, 2014

NFL Slams Don Jones for Calling Michael Sam Kiss “Horrible”

Michael Sam. St. Louis Rams. Don Jones. Miami Dolphins.

Yup, I’m going there.

So for anyone who hasn’t gone on the internet, picked up a newspaper or listened to gossip in the last week, Michael Sam became the first openly gay NFL player to be drafted last week.

And Miami Dolphins safety Don Jones became the first NFL player to be taken to the woodshed over it. Here’s the breakdown:

·         After being selected by the St. Louis Rams, Sam kissed his boyfriend.
·         ESPN covered it.
·         Jones saw it and tweeted “omg.”
·         When someone asked him if he was referring to said picture, Jones tweeted again. One word: “horrible.”

That was it, but it was enough to send the NFL and the Miami Dolphins flipping out.

“The Dolphins and NFL aren’t going to mess around with this type of thing. Jones was fined and suspended from all team activities until he completes educational training for his Twitter comments. The Dolphins didn’t put this off. On a relatively quiet Sunday around the NFL, the Dolphins announced the punishment, put out a statement from coach Joe Philbin and an apology from Jones.

“... The NFL will not tolerate any negativity from within its own ranks about the Sam story. Most of the reaction has been very positive. And if you’re an NFL player and you don’t agree with Sam’s sexuality, you better keep that to yourself.”

So what is this? A culture of intimidation? If so, it seems to be pretty darn selective.

I mean, what about if you don’t agree with someone’s Christian beliefs or membership to the Republican party? Exactly how much of a fine do you think the NFL would hand down if one of its own made an anti-white person comment? Or called global warming skeptics “horrible?” Or likened pro-lifers to Nazis?

Seriously, I even have to wonder how much trouble Jones would have gotten into if he had made an anti-Semitic comment. Or something against Native Americans or some other group that wasn’t the hot-button issue liberals are all gaga about right now.

Regardless what the NFL or Dolphins are saying, this isn’t about teaching anyone about “respect, discrimination and judgment.” This is about restricting individuality to suit selective feelings.

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