Monday, May 19, 2014

Obama Voters on Display

On Saturday, I went out to a country music-oriented nightclub. Overall, it was a blast, and I’m determined to learn country line dancing now so I can participate more next time I go. But that’s not to say I didn’t notice a decent bit of pathetic behavior as well.

It was mostly twenty and thirty-something, white people, though there were some disturbing examples of older individuals still trying to live their haydays.

“Haydays.” Get it? Get it? Because it’s a country music-oriented nightclub? No? Oh. Well. Moving on…

The DJ kept swearing for no good reason whatsoever; I got to see one girl’s fuchsia underwear in disturbing detail when she decided to ride the mechanical bull despite wearing a ridiculously short dress; the female bartenders wore crop tops, spanky pants and chaps; and there was one particular male employee who was “helping” some of the female bull riders out by shoving his crotch in their faces while they spun in circles.

I’m assuming they had to pay extra for that experience.

I’m also assuming the vast majority of those people voted Democrat in the last two presidential elections. In which case, I was watching a bunch of Obama voters in action.

They think they’re living the American dream while actually destroying it through their utterly immature and – frankly, embarrassing – behavior.

Then on Sunday, I went to Panera, one of my absolute favorite eateries. There was a group of eight middle-aged black people who came in as well. Dressed in their Sunday best, they walked in with their holier-than-thou attitudes and left without cleaning a single thing off their junked up table, leaving the Panera employees to clean up after them.

And right there, you have more Obama voters, who think they’re practicing their faith while actually slapping God in the face with their self-righteous egotism.

Am I judging both groups and making assumptions? To revert back to the language from Saturday night, darn skippy, pardner!

Am I wrong? Possibly, but I highly doubt it.

And if the trashy whites and arrogant blacks were, in fact, Republicans, then count me heartily ashamed of myself. Not for pegging them incorrectly, mind you. Just for falling into some same category as them.

One way or the other, I’m already less than thrilled we share the same country.

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