Friday, May 9, 2014

Religion Comes in Many Forms, and Most of Them Are Exceedingly Dangerous

Religion seems to be a common theme running through the articles that caught my eye today. That’s not a good thing, since religion in most forms is exceptionally dangerous.

That includes the kind of religion Pope Francis called for in Rome, where he was preaching government dependency again (a.k.a. socialism) to solve “all forms of injustices” including “the economy of exclusion” (a.k.a. capitalism, a.k.a. telling people to work for a living, a.k.a. reality).

Considering how often he preaches on that subject, I think it’s safe to say that Pope Francis is probably not a Christian. Not when he’s urging governments to rely on themselves, not God.

Do you know what happens when governments rely on themselves instead of God? They turn into North Korea (which incidentally just called President Obama a “monkey with a red bum.” Whatever that means). Or they turn into Saudi Arabia, which sentenced a website editor to 1,000 lashes and ten years in prison for criticizing certain religious figures and Islam in general.

You can argue that Saudi Arabia passed that judgment for religious purposes. And you’d be right. To a degree. But it’s Pope Francis’ form of religion, where governments pick and choose what gods they want to follow, including their own selfish, disgusting, dangerous selves.

Those kinds of gods prompt terrorist groups like Nigeria’s Boko Haram to kidnap schoolgirls, force some of them into marriages and threaten to sell the rest into other forms of slavery.

And don’t think for a moment they’re not the same kind of gods that prompt people like Michelle Obama to pretend to care about those schoolgirls by posting pictures to Twitter with sad selfies holding signs saying “#BringBackOurGirls.”

As Rush Limbaugh pointed out yesterday, the White House didn’t care one bit about Boko Haram for two years straight while Hillary Clinton ran the State Department, repeatedly refusing to label the child-raping group as terrorists. The only reason Michelle Obama, her husband and their cronies to “care” now is because the news is everywhere; it makes them look good to care.

They’re using those schoolgirls for their own personal gain just as much as Boko Haram is.

It might seem drastic to lump Pope Francis and Michelle Obama in with terrorists and the kind of tyrants we see in North Korea and Saudi Arabia. But it’s actually disturbingly fitting.

Why? Because when we’re not following the Bible – and I mean really paying attention to what it says and why it says it – anything goes. Anything like spending countless amounts on managing made-up phenomenon like global warming in the face of record cold spells, while demonizing people actually using their religious beliefs to help people, like David and Jason Benham, whose scheduled show Flip It Forward just got canceled because they’re Christians.

This world is messed up, in large part thanks to religion. Today’s news is screaming for us to acknowledge the truth. Why we’re not listening in the face of so much suffering is beyond me.


  1. Indeed.

    If Pope Francis were really concerned about the poor then he would focus on the fact that banking cartels are creating too much money out of nothing.

  2. Pope Francis might very well be concerned about the poor. I'm not judging his motivations, only his efforts. And his efforts show that he doesn't have the common sense or the humility necessary to actually do anything meaningful for the poor. Regardless, he's really starting to irritate me. lol.