Friday, May 16, 2014

Tary Brumfitt Gets Psychologically Fit After Learning That Physical Perfection Isn’t Everything

I’m not one for posting even discreet nude pics online, but I gotta give Tary Brumfitt from Australia a shout-out this morning. The 35-year-old photographer and mother of three got a clue far too few Western women get today: that physical perfection isn’t the key to happiness.

“In May 2012, after having her third child, Brumfitt became a self-described ‘obsessive’ about getting her prepregnancy shape back, working out constantly and even contemplating breast implants and a tummy tuck. Then one day while watching her daughter play, she had a revelation.

“‘If I go through with this, what am I saying to my daughter about body image?’ she wrote on her website. ‘How will I teach her to love her body? How am I going to encourage her to accept and love her body, when I am standing in front of her with a surgically enhanced body? What type of hypocrite or mother would I be?’

“So she decided to do something she called ‘crazy:’ Enter a bodybuilding competition and get fit the old-fashioned way: Dieting and working out. After four months, Brumfitt looked fantastic; however, ‘Nothing had changed about how I felt about my body,’ she admits in the trailer for ‘Embrace.’ She scaled back on her training and her stringent diet of chicken and broccoli, and eventually her body softened.   

“Cut to May 2013: Motivated by the revelation that physical perfection doesn’t always translate into happiness, Brumfitt made a photo composite of herself — one photo featured her wearing a bikini during her bodybuilding days, and the other taken of her body at the time, 20 pounds heavier. She labeled the fitter picture ‘before’ and the heavier picture ‘after,’ although both were taken post-pregnancy. Brumfitt posted the photo on Facebook, where it quickly went viral, racking up 3 million likes. She later drew comparisons to fitness enthusiast Maria Kang (aka, “Hot Mom”) who angered the Internet in October when she posted a photo of her buff post-baby bod on Facebook and captioned it ‘What’s your excuse?’”

Both of Brumfitt’s pictures are posted on Yahoo. Honestly, I don’t think anything much of her bikini picture, either good or bad. (Maybe if she had her hair a bit different, I’d think she looked hot. I’m not sure…) But she looks positively adorable in the second, heavier (nude) picture.

Ladies, let’s get real. There’s nothing wrong with being “adorable.” There’s nothing wrong with being “pretty.” Or “beautiful” or “lovely” or “cute.”

We could do ourselves a world of good if we stopped trying for “hot” and went for “natural” instead. And “natural” looks different on everyone.

Plus, let’s face it… No man is worth dieting for. No offense boys, but sometimes a girl just needs some chocolate.

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