Thursday, May 1, 2014

We Are Not Doing Ourselves Any Favors Picking and Choosing Who Is Allowed to Be Racist

Yesterday, I expressed my completely correct opinions (also known as facts) about the Donald Sterling racism scandal.

Considering what happened on a public school bus in Dover, Delaware, yesterday, I think a decent chunk of it bears repeating:

“Racist comments are apparently not protected under the NBA’s terms and agreements of ownership. So the organization is legally allowed to throw Donald Sterling under the regulatory bus and run over him as many times as it sees fit. In this case, 2.5 million times. And then some.

“Legally, it has every right. But logically? This was a cowardly PR stunt, pure and simple.

“He did bring a lot of negative attention on the NBA, so I can see banning him for a year. But inflicting the most drastic punishment for expressing some stupid comments?

“That’s actually kind-of scary. It tells me that society is terrified of offending certain groups. It says that, as a nation, we are more focused on gaining approval – or even worse, avoiding disapproval – than doing the right thing.

“I mean, what would the NBA do if one of its own was involved in an assault allegation? Or rape? Or murder? My guess is not much, since those actual crimes are a lot more societally acceptable than merely hurting the wrong people’s feelings.

“Again, Sterling is a racist, and I don’t feel sorry for him one bit. But that doesn’t mean I’m happy about his sentencing. Because it tells me we’re nowhere even close to solving our race issues.”

Then just to prove me right, there’s news coming out of Dover, Delaware, about a cellphone video of black teenage boys beating up a white student on a public school bus heading home from Parkway Academy School.

You think anyone is covering this other than a few conservative sites such as Breitbart? If you do, you’re living under a rock.

Worse yet, the bus driver didn’t stop the bus, call the police or even file a report with administration. She only told the school that the student in question left the bus early… which was true… 14 miles away from home so he could get away from the bullies.

Let me make this as clear as I possibly can:

We ARE NOT DOING OURSELVES ANY FAVORS picking and choosing who is allowed to be racist and who isn’t. We’re not doing our black selves a single bit of good, nor our white selves, nor our anything-else-selves, by using past bad behavior to excuse current bad behavior.

All we’re doing is victimizing everyone.

Racism is wrong, people. No matter what color it comes in.

This shouldn’t be rocket science.

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