Thursday, June 26, 2014

Chuck Todd Asks “Are There Any Actual Real Victims” in IRS Scandal

“Are there any actual real victims” in the IRS scandal, in which said socialist organization went out of its way to harass conservative groups during the run-up for the 2012 elections?

That’s the question MSNBC’s Chuck Todd asked his fifteen viewers yesterday (one of which happened to be NewsBusters’ Jeffrey Meyer).

So let’s humor him by taking a look at the issue. I mean, “are there any actual real victims?” I suppose the answer depends on whether you’re a socialist swine with delusions of godhood or not.

If you are, then the answer is “Just conservative groups and the American people,” which is equivalent to “just gnats and fleas.” And nobody cares if gnats and fleas get hurt. Not even environmentalist harpies.

Now if you’re not a socialist swine with delusions of godhood, then the answer would be “Yes, conservative groups and the American people,” which is equivalent to “Yes, a whole lot of individuals who should be free to think for themselves without fear of government intimidation, misdirection and reprisal.”

But again, if you’re Chuck Todd (a.k.a. a socialist swine with delusions of godhood), it’s fine to:

·         Perpetuate the idiotic and unsubstantiated claim that “liberal groups were targeted too.”
·         Switch the subject completely by asking “Why should political organizations get a taxpayer exemption, basically get a handout from the tax code?”
·         Blame the victims with high-and-mighty-but-not-nearly-so-logical lines like, “Folks, this scandal is not black and white, since frankly, two wrongs don’t make a right.” In other words, the complaining conservative groups are bad to begin with since they’re trying to get out of paying their fair share to the socialist state. They’re like criminals complaining about being victimized. Boo hoo.

How much you wanna bet Mr. Todd would be singing a completely different tune filled with outrage and disgust if the IRS under a Republican administration had targeted liberal groups during an election year?

Then again, that would make the issue about “real victims” and not just gnats and fleas.

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