Thursday, June 12, 2014

Is America Finally Waking Up?

There was another shocking primary result this week, this time in Nevada, where Democrat voters preferred “None of the Above” to any of the listed candidates.

Here’s Breitbart’s take on it:

“‘None of the Above’ won with 29.96% of the vote. Nevada was the first state to institute a ‘none of the above’ line to its ballot in 1975, as a way for voters to protest weak, unqualified candidates.

“Senator Harry Reid, who runs the Democrat party in Nevada with an iron fist, told reporters earlier this year, that the candidate to run against the popular Republican Governor Brian Sandoval, would be ‘a respectable Democrat and someone that people know.’

“‘I’ve had a number of conversations, and we will fill every one of our spots,’ Reid said.

“‘We are going to be competitive in all of the state offices –– from controller up to governor,’ Reid said.

“Reid would give no hints on who the new Democratic gubernatorial candidate will be, even if he lived in Northern or Southern Nevada.

“‘I’m sure that it will be a respectable candidate, someone that people know,’ Reid said about a potential party-backed Democrat running for governor.

“‘You will find out,’ he said. ‘It would be wrong (for me to say). Others should make the announcement and not me.’

“We found out, all right.

“Second place went to Robert Goodman, a retired state economic development commissioner, who got 24.9% of the vote. Since "none of the above" can't win under state law, virtual unknown, Goodman will be the nominee.”

I gotta take my hat off to Nevadan Democrats. They recognized the blatant truth: that the majority of our politicians and politician wannabes are a whole lot worse than nothing.

Now let’s see if we can get the rest of the country onboard...

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