Monday, July 14, 2014

Attorney General Eric Holder Feeds ABC More Lies and Excuses About Immigration

Like his boss, Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder is an unabashed liar who will manipulate facts and emotions with the same attitude most people take toward breathing.

He arrogantly assumes it's his right to twist the truth at will.

On ABC’s This Week, Holder claimed that, “Yes, the immigration laws are being enforced,” following that blatantly untrue statement by saying, “We are faced with an extraordinary situation where thousands of people – young people especially – are fleeing Central America for economic reasons, to get away from endemic violence in their countries.”

Lies and excuses. That’s all we ever seem to get from the Obama administration.

And they’re not even well-constructed lies and excuses. There’s no evidence behind them whatsoever, no cover-ups, no thought even.

I’d say that’s the most insulting part, except that wouldn’t be true.

The most insulting part is that we’re losing our country, which used to be something to talk about.

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