Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Brazil Loses World Cup to Germany and Burns Flag for Some Stupid Reason

So Brazil lost out on the chance to win the World Cup while hosting the World Cup.

Naturally, fans and citizens are fairly disappointed. There are pictures all over the internet of people looking stunned, sad and even devastated.

Ok. I get it. It’s a big deal. And I know how I felt when the Baltimore Ravens won their Super Bowl game two years ago (I’m a Pittsburgh Steelers fan. Enough said.), and how I felt when the Denver Broncos crashed and burned in last year’s Super Bowl.

(I’m also a Broncos fan. Clearly, this hasn’t been the best two years for me in the sports department.)

It’s disappointing to get your hopes up that high only to see them dashed to pieces, especially when your team didn’t just get out-played… It barely played at all (Cough. Cough. Broncos).

I don’t care at all about the rest of the world’s definition of football, so I didn’t watch Germany trounce Brazil. But as far as I’ve heard, it was an epic drubbing: seven to one, with Brazil scoring its single goal late in the game as a pity play by Germany.

That hurts.

However, it shouldn’t hurt so badly that you lose complete confidence in your country – not your country’s sports team, but your entire country – and burn said country’s flag. Yet that’s exactly what a bunch of moron Brazilian fans and citizens did in protest of the loss.

If they’re really THAT committed to football, than they’re perpetual losers who really need to get a life.

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