Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Florida's Glo Smith Gets Called an Oreo for Running as a Republican Black Woman

To prepare for today’s blog, I looked up the term “Oreo” on the ever-fascinating UrbanDictionary.com. And here’s the first definition I came across:

“What black kids at my school are called if they aren’t intolerant and disrespectful trolls who hold up the hallway everyday in between class pushing pot and cutting the entire lunch line.”

This was posted by Josh on January 16, 2006, and it’s been given a thumbs-up by 2948 people times so far and a thumbs-down by 972 people.

Thank everything that more people agree with Josh than disagree, since “Oreo” is an exceptionally racist term. Usually used by blacks themselves, the exact definition is a black person with a “white person” mentality. As if white people are supposed to have a monopoly on good manners and an appreciation for finer things.

Like every other racist term, it says that people aren’t individuals who can decide their own likes and dislikes and manner of being. Nope, we all have to be in very specific groups complete with group thinking and group uniforms. And woe to the person who steps over that line!

Florida Republican congressional candidate Glo Smith, a black woman, found that out the hard way when some troglodyte vandalized one of her signs by carefully painting her face white.

While the vandal didn’t leave a note explaining his or herself (chances are, he or she doesn’t know how to write anyway), we can easily assume that Smith was targeted this way because she is a Republican, a designation that doesn’t fit into the idiotic liberal’s definition of what a black person is supposed to be. And they’re definitely not supposed to be conservative Republicans.

In other words, they’re not supposed to think for themselves.

Through a sick amount of dedication, resources and arrogant presumption, liberals have claimed three groups as their own: young people, women and blacks. But they have taken an especially aggressive “ownership” of blacks. And so they take especially aggressive offense when blacks “step out of line.”

They’d much prefer blacks kids to act like “intolerant and disrespectful trolls who hold up the hallway everyday in between class pushing pot and cutting the entire lunch line” and carry that mentality all the way through adulthood.

Why? Because people who call other people “Oreos” are much easier to control than those who think for themselves.

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