Friday, July 11, 2014

President Obama Gets Especially High Approval Rating From One Religious Group

There’s an interesting, new Gallup poll out there about President Obama’s approval rating among the various religious groups.

Mormons seem to have the worst opinion, with a mere 18% approving of him and the job he’s doing. Next up is Protestants, who come in at 37%.

Catholics, for some self-destructive reason, give him a 44% approval rating. And atheists (yes, that’s a religious group) take that number up by 10 points to 54%.

Then there’s Jewish Americans, a small majority of which are willing to overlook President Obama’s antagonistically anti-Israel stances. They give him 55%, while “Other non-Christians” have a 59% favorable view.

But do you know what religious group gives President Obama a whopping 72% approval rating despite his utterly and obviously anti-American agenda?

That would be Muslim Americans.

Like I said… Interesting, right?

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