Thursday, July 17, 2014

Representative Frederica Wilson Is a Stupid Politician… Also Known as a Politician

How stupid are our politicians?

Let’s turn to Representative Frederica Wilson speaking from the House floor to answer that…

Remember those poor Nigerian schoolgirls who got kidnapped by the militant Islamic group Boko Haram back in mid-April?

Well, most of them are still kidnapped, and the ones who have escaped did it on their own. The Nigerian government has proved useless, and the U.S. hasn’t been any better, mainly just offering up Michelle Obama’s stupid #BringBackOurGirls campaign as a negotiation tool.

‘Cause that’s going to do something to convince the Boko Haram terrorists to stop being such meanie faces.

But apparently there are idiots out there who really think it will, starting with the aforementioned Representative Wilson. Speaking before the whole entire House, she passionately declared:

“Three months without our girls means that the time is now to keep pressure on the Nigerian government! We must tweet with the fervent expression that extends beyond the glamor of a breaking news story. We cannot slow down. We cannot lose momentum. We cannot rest until our girls are at home. Every morning, between nine and 12, tweet ‘Bring Back Our Girls’ with the hashtag: #BringBackOurGirls. #JoinRepWilson. Hashtag! Tweet! Tweet! Tweet! Keep tweeting until we bring back our girls.”

So many things to say and such a short space in which to say it, but let me try anyway:

·         First off, unless Wilson is Nigerian, the kidnapped young women are not “her” girls.
·         Secondly, “We cannot slow down”? “We cannot lose momentum”? Honey, I think that means we had some momentum in the first place. And guess what, we didn’t. We haven’t made a single bit of progress because the collective “we” (i.e. America, i.e. the Obama administration) doesn’t care to.
·         Third of all, I’m pretty sure that tweeting the action you want to be taken is one of the least effective ways ever to make a positive difference, especially in a hostage crisis.
·         Fourth up, I’m pretty sure that Boko Haram just posted a video making fun of “our” hashtag so-called crusade. They think it’s a joke, largely because it is. A really sad one.
·         And number five? “Tweet! Tweet! Tweet!” sounds ridiculous. I feel like I should follow it up with the chant I used to jump rope to back in the day: “Tweedle deet. Rockin’ robin. Tweet, tweedle deet.”

Wilson is an utter disaster as a politician, a leader and an intellectual. She’s downright disgraceful in her stupidity. Then again, what politician isn’t these days?

Since we’re the ones electing them, I guess that makes us disgracefully stupid too.

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