Friday, August 22, 2014

Hamas Admits It Was Responsible for Killing Three Israeli Teens

Warning I: I’m going to write about what’s going on in Gaza between Hamas and Israel.

Warning II: If you post even remotely anti-Semitic comments, they’re getting deleted. I’m not being close-minded. I understand your point of view. But I’ve already told you that I don’t share that view and you keep trying to push it on me anyway, which is impolite and unappreciated.

Now that you’ve been warned, here goes…

After so much media and Hollywood outrage about how horrible Israel is for attacking poor, innocent, defenseless Palestine for no good reason… This comes out, courtesy of Reuters:

“A top Hamas official said members of his militant group kidnapped three Israeli teenagers, whose deaths in June provoked a spiral of violence that led to the war in Gaza, the first acknowledgement of the movement's involvement.

“Hamas, which controls Gaza, has up to now refused to confirm or deny Israeli accusations that it masterminded the abduction and killing of the three young men, one of them a joint U.S.-Israeli citizen, in Hebron.”

Incidentally, one of them was 19-years-old. The other two were 16.

“‘There was much speculation about this operation, some said it was a conspiracy,’ Saleh al-Arouri told delegates at the International Union of Islamic Scholars in Istanbul on Wednesday, according to a recording of the meeting posted online by organizers.

“‘The popular will was exercised throughout our occupied land, and culminated in the heroic operation by the Qassam Brigades in imprisoning the three settlers in Hebron,’ he said, referring to Hamas's armed wing.”

“Heroic.” Kidnapping and killing three people, two of them children, is considered “heroic.”

That’s the mindset Israel has to deal with. And yet we’re going to condemn them for playing something other than defense in the face of such an offensive situation.

Is Israel perfect? Hardly, as the disgusting retaliation killing of 16-year-old Mohammed Abu Khudair by Jewish extremists shows. The Israelis responsible for that are just as depraved as the Muslim extremists they’re so angry at.

But the larger Israeli cause? The big picture here?

Just like any other nation out there, Israel has a right to defend itself from hostile forces seeking to destroy, kill and annihilate it (Esther 7:4a).

End of story.

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