Thursday, August 21, 2014

My Coworkers Are Discussing Politics Again

Right now, my coworkers are discussing politics.

So far, they’ve expressed their utter certainty that the Tea Party is irrelevant, Hillary Clinton is what America is looking for, Rick Perry and Ted Cruz are bleeping fanatics, and the Republicans aren’t going to have a viable shot at winning anything until 2024.

According to them, this is all obvious. Like right-in-your-face, bleeping-no-duh facts.

After they started swearing, I decided to drown them out by plugging in my earphones and blasting “Great Divide” by the McClain Sisters, which is an utterly adorable, happy-go-lucky kind of song.

It’s on repeat, and it will stay on repeat until they pipe down and get to work.

But while I’m busy destroying my continuing ability to hear correctly, I have to wonder… What in the world can we do about such destructive ignorance?

The answer is: not much. Not directly anyway.

I’ve already tried engaging these people in debate before. It doesn’t work. They’re ideologically opposed to the truth…

Just like those people in Ferguson, Missouri, who are protesting the shooting of a criminal. (Yup, somehow I only found out yesterday that “victim” Michael Brown was involved in an armed robbery the day he was fatally shot. Oh yeah, and he might have also broken the officer’s eye-socket before said cop killed him.)

The same goes for the individuals freaking out on Rick Perry for vehemently opposing state funding supported by a drunk driver of a district attorney.

If they really think that siding with armed robbers and drunk drivers and Hillary Clinton – who isn’t exactly squeaky clean either, legally speaking – is preferable to saying anything even remotely positive about the Tea Party, then guess what? The only thing that’s going to change their mindset is an absolute miracle.

So if you want something to do about such destructive ignorance, I’d say pretty much plug in your earphones with some happy-go-lucky kind of song such as the McClain Sister’s “Great Divide.”

And then, when you can see something other than red, pray for a miracle. Because without one, America is doomed to be overrun by the grossly and proudly uninformed. Like my coworkers.

Speaking of which, time to take my earphones out?

Nope. They’re still talking.

Blast on!

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