Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Newsflash Ferguson, Missouri: President Obama Is Not Your Best Friend Forever

I don’t defend President Obama about much, mainly because there’s not much to defend. He’s an arrogant, spoiled, mean-spirited and downright evil individual who doesn’t care who he has to run over in order to get where he’s going.

Obama is a president of The United States who uses his power to take vacations and play golf. He’s a husband who checks out 17-year-old’s backsides and flirts with foreign diplomats. And he’s a father of two daughters who associates with the likes of misogynistic rapper Jay-Z, thereby promoting a strongly anti-female agenda.

That’s all utterly unacceptable for anyone, much less someone with his standing and influence. Yet one thing I can’t fault him for is his failure to be America’s best friend forever (BFF).

Unlike protecting this country, remaining emotionally as well as physically faithful to his wife, and promoting positive role models for his daughters, being America’s BFF is not in any of his job descriptions… no matter what Lesley McSpadden wants to believe.

Who is McSpadden, and why do we care? He’s the grandfather of Michael Brown, the 18-year-old who was shot and killed earlier this month in Ferguson, Missouri. And he had some strong words for the president the other day:

“America is built on people coming together at times like this, and now is the time for my President to step forward. I want to say this to my President: I voted for you, so you ought to be able to meet with me.”

Ummm… Say what?

Just because you voted for him doesn’t give you instant, easy or even any access to the president of The United States. He’s supposed to be running an entire country; and you’re supposed to be running your personal affairs.

Instead of asking an utter disaster of a president to solve his problems, McSpadden should consider what he can do in the middle of this tragedy. Like possibly calling for civility from the rioters protesting in his grandson’s name?

That would be a great start. And then maybe, after we’ve all gotten the planks out of our own eyes, we can call on Obama to do the same to his.

President Obama is not our BFF. He was never supposed to be. He’s supposed to be President of the United States.

We need to first understand what that means and doesn't mean if we really want him to fulfill the role.

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