Monday, September 29, 2014

American Woman Gets Beheaded by American Muslim and Media Barely Blinks

You’d think that an American getting beheaded in America would make the news, but apparently our American media has declared the subject halal.

On Thursday, Alton Alexander Nolen, who goes by his Muslim moniker “Jah’Keem Yisrael” on Facebook, was let go at work after allegedly arguing that women should be stoned to death in certain situations. He then proceeded to go back to work on Friday morning, only to enact another Muslim extremist form of punishment by beheading one of his former female coworkers.

When I first saw the story featured on Yahoo! on Friday morning, it mentioned nothing about the Muslim connection. In the news source’s defense, I don’t think that detail had been released yet.

Though, let’s face it, the only people who really behead anyone these days are Mexican drug cartels and Muslim extremists. And since the beheading took place in Oklahoma, I logically assumed it was the latter at work.

Yet when more information came out indicating that, yes, Alton Alexander Nolen was indeed a Muslim convert, the story pretty much disappeared from Yahoo. Maybe I missed the screaming headlines from other liberal outlets like CNN and MSNBC, but the only articles I saw covering the story after that inconvenient truth came out was from conservative sites like The Daily Caller.

Do you remember how many stories there were about the Ferguson shooting, where a white cop shot a black criminal? It was everywhere! We couldn’t get away from it.

So where in America is the outrage when a black Muslim man beheads a white female?

Apparently, it’s not allowed to exist. Not in the mainstream media, anyway.

That’s because there’s a PC hierarchy this nation’s newsmen adhere to, and while it changes to suit various political agendas, it currently goes like this:

·         Women trump men
·         Blacks trump women
·         Muslims trump all

In other words, that poor Oklahoman woman who got beheaded never stood a chance.

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