Monday, September 8, 2014

Bruce Levenson Loses Team Over Racist Remarks; Ray Rice Skates on Assaulting Woman

It’s quite obvious that we have a seriously screwed-up level of priorities in this country.

Over the weekend, Atlanta Hawks’ owner Bruce Levenson was pressured into agreeing to sell his part of the team because of racist comments he made.

According to TMZ, in a 2012 email, he complained to team executives that the current fan base is overwhelmingly black, the cheerleaders are all black, the music is all black and the sports bars’ customers are nearly all black. “I have even bitched the kiss cam is too black,” he’s admitted.

Making racist remarks is never right. But SAYING hurtful things is usually better than DOING hurtful things… like punching your fiancé in the face and knocking her out cold.

Yup. It’s official. Ray Rice really did punch his soon-to-be-wife right in the head during an elevator argument. I’m watching the video footage right now. He doesn’t hold back.

But what does Rice get for his actions? A two-game suspension. That’s it. Two lousy games. Then he’s right back to being a hot-shot, highly-paid loser for the Baltimore Ravens.

So… What can we conclude from this?

How about that our sports-and-entertainment crazed society cares more about what people say than what they do?

Or how about that it values blacks over women? Which means that if a black man punches out a black woman, his blackness trumps her femaleness and he gets to get away with it.

This isn’t right, people! It isn’t right and it isn’t helpful. To anyone.

So let me spell out the right-there-in-your-face truth:

Black people are not more important than women. Women are not more important than black people. Men are not more important than Asians. Gays are not more important than Native Americans. Latinos are not more important than young adults.

And the list goes on.

People are people. Stop putting them into groups, and start treating them like individuals.

‘Cause guess what? They may BELONG to the former, but they ARE the latter. And they can only be held accountable for who they are and what they do. Not anything – or anyone – else.

Note Added on 9/10/14: Clearly, I picked the wrong fight to pick on this one considering what happened to Rice after I posted this. I should have focused more on the putting your money where your mouth is message.

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