Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Chiefs’ Husain Abdullah Gets Flagged for Praying During Patriots Game

How in the world is praying unsportsmanlike?

Please someone explain this to me.

Last night, while apparently decimating the Patriots, the Chiefs’ Husain Abdullah was penalized for kneeling to Allah, which was deemed unsportsmanlike conduct.

I’m not trying to be PC here. I don’t believe in Allah, I don’t care for Allah, and I think Allah can lead to some seriously sick thinking. Yet we are supposed to have freedom of religion in this country, aren’t we?

Technically, the NFL is its own institution and can make up any number of stupid rules. If it wanted to ban the color red from the football field, then guess what? The Patriots, Chiefs and every other team with red in their uniform would have to comply if they wanted to continue participating in the league.

But just because the NFL has the right to be stupid doesn’t mean that it should be stupid. For all the actually offensive behavior by players these days, I have no clue why we have to come down on prayer unless it includes ritualistic sacrifices in the end zone.

NFL, you’re pathetic.

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